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The Jindilli Group

Trevor Roy and his family became involved with the macadamia industry when they made their first investments in the industry in 2007.   Today the jindilli Group is a world-class vertically integrated consumer focused macadamia business from farm to consumer.

_DSC1501The group consists of a 5 business units being:
• a macadamia farming operation (Jindilli Farms)
• a macadamia processor (Macadamias Direct)
• a macadamia oil company (Macadamia Oils)
• a skincare company (Jindilli Skincare) and
• a beverage company (Jindilli Beverages)

farm-signTrevor’s commitment to macadamias and his passion for promoting Australia’s only native international crop is shared by his 3 sons. Morgan is a key member of Jindilli’s international marketing team based in the USA, Mason manages several of the family macadamia farms and Shannon’s expertise in IT enhances the groups capabilities.

Jindilli has more than 75 dedicated employees located in Australia and the US with access to facilities and marketing support in 12 countries across the globe in partnership with Creata – a global marketing, premium and promotions agency.

Jindilli in Shanghaimilkadamia wih coffee

_DSC1544 _DSC1573