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Refined Cosmetic Grade Macadamia Oil

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A large part of our business is dedicated to the production of Refined Cosmetic Grade
Oil which is used as a key ingredient by many of the world’s leading skin and hair care cosmetic
companies. This high quality cosmetic oil is also used as the key active ingredient in our Jindilli range of skincare products.  Refined Cosmetic Grade Oil differs from our Food Grade Oil in that it has undergone additional processing which is called “Refining”.

The process of refining involves 3 filtering stages that remove free fatty acids, peroxides, colour, taste and aroma.

Asian lady applying face oilThe skin and hair care industries have a strong preference for using refined oil as a base in their formulations because of the neutral colour and odour. Formulators will add their own aromas and colours to suit the application. Our Refined Cosmetic Macadamia Oil is used by leading skincare companies in 15 countries in Australia, Europe, Asia and North America.

Our Cosmetic Grade Macadamia Oil is available in 18.3kg (20 Litre) or 200kg drums.

Please contact us if you wish to receive copies of our product specification and MSDS sheets.





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