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The Health and beauty benefits of Macadamia Oil

For Your Health


Macadamia oil is cholesterol free and the oil has a beautiful nutty flavour which is ideal in salad dressings as a nice alternative to olive oil. It has a high smoke point (210’C or 410’F) so is perfect for shallow frying and it can be used as a tasty alternative to other oil in baking.  Macadamia oil is a very stable oil and has a long shelf life which is due to the low levels of unstable Omega 6 fatty acids and high levels of stable Omega 3 fatty acids such as Oleic Acid.

Macadamia oil is widely regarded as one of the healthiest edible oils in the world because of its very high proportion of monounsaturated oil (82%). The high oleic acid content in macadamia oil which is even higher than olive oil, makes it important for re-balancing your cholesterol levels and reducing the amount of triglycerides in the blood. Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids are the most commonly discussed fats, and ideally, our bodies would have an even balance. Macadamia nut oil offers this balance, making it optimal for the human body as a great source of these fats.

For your skin

Because it is so similar to the natural sebum present in the skin, when macadamia is applied to the skin the oil quickly penetrates the outer layer of skin. It is also highly anti-inflammatory, one of the key reasons that macadamia oil helps to calm and soothe irritated skin.

skin-oil-macadmia-userMacadamia oil contains more than 60% oleic acid that is great for softening skin, regenerating skin cells, moisturizing skin, and is a natural anti-inflammatory. Our oil is also unique due to its high content of Palmitoleic acid, a monounsaturated fatty acid that avoids oxidation and fits with the skins fatty acid composition. Palmitoleic acid is found in human sebum among the young, but the level dramatically drops in mature skin. Macadamia oil is among the closest of all botanical oils to human sebaceous oil.

Phytosterols are found in macadamia oil in effective amounts mostly made up from B-sitosterol with some campesterol and stigmasterol . These phytosterols behave like cortisone to reduce itchiness, redness, and sooth irritated skin.

Macadamia nut oils are rich sources of squalene, a naturally occurring antioxidant present in human skin surface lipids that protects us from sun-induced lipid peroxidation. It’s primarily used in our bodies to synthesize both cholesterol and vitamin D, but its role in macadamia nuts is to prevent oxidative damage .

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