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Premium Cold Pressed Macadamia Oil

We are very proud of the quality of our Cold Pressed Food Grade Macadamia Oil. By pressing only premium grade macadamias we produce a superior macadamia oil that we consider the best macadamia oil in the world. Our macadamia oil is cholesterol free and the oil has a beautiful nutty flavour which is ideal in salad dressings as a nice alternative to olive oil. It has a high smoke point (210’C or 410’F) so is perfect for shallow frying and it can be used as an alternative to other oil in baking.  Macadamia oil is a great alternative to olive oil.

Our Premium Grade Macadamia Oil is 100% cold pressed macadamia oil and it contains NO REFINED macadamia oil.
BE WARNED: it is not uncommon for some suppliers of macadamia oil to blend refined macadamia oil with cold pressed macadamia oil to increase the available volume. Refined macadamia oil is generally made from low quality macadamias which are not suitable for the production of premium food grade macadamia oil. Cold pressed macadamia oil that has been blended with refined macadamia oil will be much lighter in colour and will not have the wonderful nutty taste that 100% cold pressed macadamia oil has.
At Macadamia Oils we guarantee all our Premium Food Grade Macadamia Oils are made from 100% Australian premium grade macadamia and contain no refined oil.

Our Premium Cold Pressed Macadamia Oil is available in bulk in 200kg or 20 litre drums and in a consumer format of 250ml and 500ml under the
“MACNUT OIL” brand and “DRUM 58 – AUTUMN RELEASE” brand.


This range was developed specifically for the US market and we have been selling “MACNUT  OIL” in the US since 1995. Our products are ranged in over 1000 stores in the US including, Wholefoods, Albertsons and Safeways.



In 2016 we developed a new brand and range being “Drum 58 – Autumn Release”. Products sold under this brand will be made from the best of the best oil that we produce each year.  The batch of oil that we determine has the very best taste, appearance and shelf life will be used to make this special range.
This range will be available worldwide but volumes will be limited due to the super high premium nature of the product.
“ Drum 58 – Autumn Release” in 250ml will be available in June 2016.




Macadamia Nuts and Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors: A Review of Clinical Trials

Author – Maria Stewart,

Human Nutrition, Food, and Animal Sciences University of Hawaii at Manoa Honolulu HI United States


Nuts are associated with reduced risk cardiovascular disease, primarily due to their fatty acid composition. The United States Food and Drug Administration approved a qualified health claim for tree nuts and the prevention of cardiovascular disease. However, some nuts, such as macadamia nuts, were specifically excluded from the qualified health claim. The aim of this scientific review is to summarize the nutrient content of macadamia nuts and evaluate the scientific evidence linking macadamia nuts to reduced risk of cardiovascular disease.

Macadamia nuts are a tree nut rich in palmitoleic acid and oleic acid, both of which are unsaturated fatty acids. Other bioactive compounds in macadamia nuts, such as vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, protein, and phytochemicals may affect chronic disease risk. Six peer-reviewed scientific articles have investigated the effect of macadamia nuts on blood lipids and biomarkers of inflammation and oxidative stress. Although the macadamia nut dose and the study design differed among the studies, all six articles reported improvements in risk factors for cardiovascular disease, particularly decreased total blood cholesterol and LDL-cholesterol.

This paper concludes that there is adequate scientific evidence to support the therapeutic role of macadamia nuts in lowering blood cholesterol, a well-recognized risk factor for cardiovascular disease.

macadamia oil in bowl heart shape