Macadamia Oil

Widely regarded as one of the healthiest edible oils in the world because of it’s very high proportion of monounsaturated oil.

Macadamia Oil

Our Cold Pressed Premium Grade Food Oil is made from premium Australian macadamias.

Macadamia Oil

We are located on the North coast of New South Wales, Australia, one of the largest macadamia growing regions in the world.

Macadamia Oils

Trevor Roy and his family became involved with the macadamia industry when they made their first investments in the industry in 2007. Today the Jindilli Group is a world class vertically integrated consumer focused macadamia business from farm to consumer.

Cold Pressed Culinary Macadamia Oil

Our Premium Grade Cuisine oil is made from 100% Australian Macadamia which are grown in Northern New South Wales and Southern Queensland.
Our oil is ideal for use in dressing, shallow frying or baking.

Refined Cosmetic Grade Macadamia Oil

In strong demand by the leading skincare companies around the world, macadamia oil is known for its wonderful anti-ageing properties. Macadamia oil nurtures, hydrates, and restores, delivering natures building blocks for clearer, smoother, younger looking skin.

Macadamia Naturals
become Jindilli

Our original skincare range which was sold under the “Macadamia Naturals” brand has been rebranded and is now sold under the “Jindilli” brand. These products are no longer available at Macadamia oil but they can to be purchased from our sister company, Jindilli.

Jindilli Skincare Range

Macadamia Oils of Australia
If you want to find out more or purchase products from the Jindilli range of skincare please visit the Jindilli Website.